“Creation” by The Freedom Family Band released this year!


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By giving to us, we can give more to those whose paths we cross.

As we embark on a new journey, traveling southern Africa as a family, we are so blessed to have the opportunity to share our healing intentions with the local people and other travelers. It is our intention to use the money we receive to give more of our musical medicine to all who are open. In addition to supporting some basic expenses for our trip, like fuel, we feel guided to purchase more handmade instruments and share them with some of the many children we connect with. We feel so guided to feed the hungry and help heal the hearts of this planet. All of the money we receive flows through our hands and is used for the good of all. Thank you for your blessings.


All of our music is available on all the major online music platforms!

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Our hearts fill with joy when other light beings contact us. Write to comment, share, or make a request. We are here to serve and will get back to you in divine timing.

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